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SUGA Technical News 241

◆Trend of International Standards

  • ―International Meeting Reports―
  • ISO/TC35 (Paints and varnishes)/SC9 (General test methods for paints and varnishes) in Delft, Netherland
  • IEC/TC104 (Environmental conditions, classification and methods of test) in Milano, Italy


  • ―Quality Evaluation for Glass―
  • Super Xenon Weather Meter SX120Z
  • Ultraviolet Fade Meter for Glass H75/Haze Meter HZ-V3/Image Clarity Meter ICM-1T
  • Haze Meter HZ-TZ/Test Stanfards for Glass


  • Flammability Test Instrument for Flame Resistant Rubber Conveyor Belt

◆Information from Related Organizations

  • SUGA Weathering Technology Foundation

◆Technical Report

  • Measurement of Solar Radiation (from October, 2016 to March, 2017)


  • Technical Training Program with SUGA's Overseas Distributors

SUGA Technical News 240


  • Expanding of ISO/IEC 17025 Calibration Items in SUGA

◆Trend of International Standards

  • ―International Meeting Reports―
  • ISO/TC107 (Metallic and other inorganic coatings)/SC7 (Corrosion tests) Tokyo meeting
  • ASTM D01(Paint and related coatings, materials and applications),G03(Weathering and durability),E12(Color and Appearance) Norfolk meeting


  • Ozone Weather Meter
  • Colour Meter CC-iW

◆Basic Lecture of Weathering Test

  • The History and Development of Accelerated Weathering Test (No.26)


  • SUGA Weathering Technology Foundation
  • - Condolence for Ph.D. Haruyama and Others
  • Factory Tours and Lectures