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The history of Suga Test Instruments is the history of weather meters. Since 1958, Suga Test Instruments has been taking part in conferences for international standards such as ISO, JIS, ASTM, AATCC, CIE and IEC. Our weathering tests are in correlation with ISO and other international standards (ISO4892-2, SAE J2527, ASTM G155, etc.).

GX75 is designed to artificially reproduce outdoor and indoor deterioration factors such as sunlight, high and low temperatures, rainfall and dew. It exposes materials to these factors and accelerates the deterioration process to predict their lifespan in a relatively short period of time.

The weathering technology demanded by Japanese automotive manufactures and customers from many different industrial fields have established an incomparable xenon long life irradiation system and a direct specimen-surface irradiance-temperature control system.

GX75 promises long lasting, uniform, stable and precise tests.

Advanced weathering technology in a compact body

Global General-Purpose Model Compatible with International Standards

GX75 is designed to be compatible with International Standards such as

  • - ISO 4892-2
  • - ISO 11341
  • - ISO 105B04
  • - AATCC TM 169
  • - ASTM G155
  • - ASTM D4459
  • - ASTM D4798-08
  • - ASTM D5071-06
  • - ASTM D6695-03
  • - SAE J2527
  • - SAE J2412

7.5kW Water-Cooled Xenon Long Life Arc Lamp and Filters Developed by Suga Exclusively for Its Weather Meters

1. 7.5kW high-rated power lamp and φ60mm outer filter keep arc wattage fluctuation and irradiance in infrared range to a minimum, and allow for approximately 2500 hours of use at 60 W/m2 (300 to 400nm).

2. The 180 mm distance between the electrodes inside the xenon lamp is designed to allow highly even distribution of irradiance to all the specimens.

3. The combination of the inner and outer filters accurately simulates the spectral irradiance distribution of both indoor and outdoor sunlight. The spectral power distribution is in total conformance with daylight filters and window glass filters specified in ISO, ASTM, SAE and JIS.

4. The Suga-developed filters for xenon lamps have a very minimal solarization, making them capable of approximately 2500 hours of use. The lamp and the filters can be replaced simultaneously (excluding certain filters).

The lamp including its electrodes is produced in-house, making the lamp and the instrument a perfect match.

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Established the Irradiance and Temperature Direct Control System on a Specimen Plane

The irradiance on the specimen plane and the black panel temperature are directly measured and controlled at the same position as the specimens as they rotate, maintaining repeatability and test reproducibility. It is also capable of simultaneous control of black panel temperature and chamber air temperature.

Large 8.4 Inch Colour Touch Panel Controller.

GX75 is operated with an 8.4 inch liquid crystal colour touch panel controller that allows for easy and direct operation.
It is capable of data record and includes a USB memory port.


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7.5kw Xenon Weather Meter (GX75) (7.44MB)

˘¨Please refer to the separate specification document and the blueprint for further details.