Our weather meter will be featured in NHK World “Japan’s Top Inventions”

Our weather meter will be featured in the program “Japan’s Top Inventions” in NHK’s overseas service “NHK World TV” in the latter half of the program “Product introduction report of Japanese companies boasting the world’s top share in niche fields”.

The program can be watched via live streaming on the Internet, dedicated apps, etc.
* Click the link below for watching on the Internet:

■ Program name: Japan’s Top Inventions
■ Broadcast date and time (JST): Saturday, July 10, 2021 14: 10-14: 40
* Broadcast 4 times with the same content in consideration of time difference etc.
* July 11th (Sun) 23: 10-23: 40 / July 12th (Mon) 7: 10-7: 40 / July 16th (Fri) 4: 00-4: 30

After the broadcast, it will be delivered on demand for one year (delivered in multiple languages ​​such as Chinese in addition to English).

<Program overview>
This is an information program that is broadcast overseas on NHK* World TV once or twice a month.  Broadcast in about 160 countries and regions, it covers various industries and products featuring product development originating in Japan.

*NHK: Japan Broadcasting Corporation