Products Information

Products Information


They are designed to artificially simulate indoor and outdoor environments such as sunlight, temperature, humidity, and rainfall, accelerating the deterioration of products and materials for prompt prediction of their lifespans. SUGA offers a broad range of products, from the global standard weathering test instruments to the latest super-accelerating models.

  • Global Standard Weather Meters

    The Global Standard Test is world wide authorized tests which are specified in ISO(International Organization for Standardization), ASTM(American Society for Testing and Materials), JIS(Japanese Industrial Standards) and other standards. The spectral power distribution of light sources and the performance of the instrument are specified in these standards. SUGA offers the weathering test instruments applicable to these global standard tests.

  • Other Irradiation Instruments

    Depending on the use and purpose of products and materials, other types of light sources such as fluorescent and mercury lamps are being used in various fields.

  • Weather Meter Peripherals

    Irradiance monitor / Pure water units /outdoor exposure device

    Supports and assures the accuracy of the weather meter. Outdoor exposure test is the foundation of the data for weathering test. Everything for weathering test starts here.

  • Super Accelerated Weather Meters

    As the speed of developing new products increases, the need for shortening the test period increases as well. By taking a variety of approaches to meet these needs, SUGA offers new Super Accelerated Weather Meters. SUGA is also proceeding with research for correlation with outdoor exposure test.


Responding to the diverse demands we receive from various fields, SUGA offers a wide range of corrosion test instruments that test the corrosion resistance of metallic materials and their finished surface, from the basic Salt Spray Test Instrument to more sophisticated Cyclic Corrosion Test Instruments.


Our testing instruments continue to improve their accurate recreation of real-life environments encountered by materials and products such as automobiles, which are often put to use in severe environments.

  • Abrasion Tester

    SUGA offers high reproducibility of abrasion in practical use. The proportional relationship between the number of abrasion and the mass loss is exceptional.

  • Automobile-related Test Instrument

    Reproduce severe environment where automotive encounters, SUGA offers various customized industries to meet demands.

  • Colour Fastness Test Instruments

    These apparatus test the strength (durability) of dyed textiles against color loss and contamination from various angles such as light, laundering, perspiration, rubbing, and gas.

  • Flammability Test Instrument

    SUGA offers several instruments that related to the flammability.

Optical Properties

SUGA colour appearance products are designed specifically for your applications. The numerical values provide you with the information that you need to make objective, quality decisions.

  • Colour Meters

    SUGA offers a wide range of bench top and portable Colour Meter systems to meet your measurement needs.

  • Gloss Meters

    Measure the Gloss of your samples with our portable units on the production floor, in the laboratory, at your customers’ facility or at your desk. SUGA gloss meters are easy to use, reliable and have excellent long term stability.

  • Haze Meters

    SUGA Haze meters are widely used to determine and quantify the optical scattering properties of transparent materials; such as films, glass, plaques and plastic products.

  • Image Clarity Meter

    SUGA Image Clarity Meter is used to determine the optical effect of specimen’s surface structure on colour appearance properties. Surface structure effects includes optical phenomenon as clarity, DOI and orange peel.

  • Reflectance / Transmittance Meter and Others

    SUGA manufactures a diverse product line of instruments to assess many different optical properties of specimens. These products include assessing colour appearance analysis of surface reflection and transmission modalities. They are applicable throughout the color supply chain.