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Xenon Weather Meters

Xenon Weather Meter GX90

Large capacity model

GX90 is able to test 126 specimens at one time. The newly developed 9.0kW long arc xenon lamp is World's No.1 long-life light source, Lamp life: 3000 hours. In case of test condition 60W/m2 (300-400nm), Daylight Filter, BPT63°C, 50%rh.
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Xenon Weather Meter GX25

A compact model with excellent cost performance

This model is used for wide range of materials, such as fabrics, wrappings, and cases for cosmetics.

Xenon Weather Meter GX75

This is the world wide model

GX75 is a global general-purpose model compatible with international standard. It is a compact model with high performance with its 7.5kW Water-Cooled Xenon long life Arc lamp and filters with the Irradiance and Temperature Direct Specimen-Plane Control System.

Super Xenon Weather Meter SX75

The paramount of world standard

This model is capable of super-accelerated tests with ultraviolet irradiance three times stronger (180W/m2) than that of sunlight, meeting the expectation of today's high-speed product development.

Super Xenon Weather Meter SX75-2D

Two test chambers are set side by side. Different test conditions can be performed at the same time. Possible to combine with other type of light sources.

Metaling Weather Meter / Super Xenon Weather Meter MV-SX-2D

Two independent chambers enable combination of different light sources.

Xenon Weather Meter XT750

A tabletop Xenon Fade Meter

This is a tabletop weather meter optimal for small specimens such as medical products, paper, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, and stationery.

Sunshine Weather Meter

Sunshine Weather Meter S80

The basic sunshine model cultivated by history

S80 is capable of approximately 78 hours of continuous irradiation using a total of eight sunshine carbon arc rods, with four sets on both the top and the bottom of the thest chamber. It is also capable of automatically running the light and light + spray cycles.

UV Fade Meter

UV Fade Meter U48

The standard model for textile colour fastness tests

This cost-efficient model uses wicks to control humidity at below 50%rh level, and controls temperature by introducing ambient air via opening and closing of the air damper.

UV Fade Meter U48AU

Performs tests other light sources just can't do

Suga UV Long-Life Auto Fade Meter is extensively used for colour fastness test of textile materials. An enclosed carbon arc lamp as the light source has the longest history of use among weathering test apparatus. It has an intense energy in the UV range (around 388 nm) and can be lighted continuously for 48 hours. U48AU has an automatic air control system with an air control value to mix circulating chamber-air and introduced ambient-air. It also includes a vaporizer, which allows for a highly precise control of temperature and humidity.

Fluorescent Weather Meter

Flourescent Weather Meter FUV

Most effective for ultraviolet deteriorating tests for coatings and olastics

This model provides high acceleration with cyclic test of UV light and dark (dew) cycles. Its light source FS-40 includes a light enagy loss preevention system developed by Suga.