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Colour Meters

SUGA offers a wide range of bench top and portable Colour Meter systems to meet your measurement needs.

Colour Meter CC-i

Striving for the highest stability, operability and cost performance of its class

Colour Cute i is an all-in-one photoelectric tristimulus colour meter, capable of measuring both reflectance and transmittance.

Colour Meter CC-iS

Making sophisticated colour evaluations more affordable.
Compact portable design which can be used at any location.
Provides highly precise and stable measurements through adoption of spectrophotometry using small spectroscope.

Colour Meter SC-T / SC-T45

Integrated sphere method and 45゚incidence 0゚viewing method

Valued in the fields of precise colour management, the SC series is our high-end model with highest accuracy of its class, along with variety of measurement and graph display options. This single unit can measure both reflectance and transmittance.

Colour Meter SC-WT

Measures the brightness (whiteness) of paper as according to ISO standards

This instrument, used widely in the paper manufacturing industry, measures the ISO brightness and the opacity of paper. The UV light intensity can be adjusted to a standard value by using a reference sample sheet (INNVENTIA AB). Fluorescent intensity can also be measured.

Colour Meter VC-2

Variable-angle colour meter for evaluating metallic coatings

This instrument is best suited for evaluating specimens that has different colour and brightness depending on the angle where it is observed from, such as metallic coatings. It can measure both reflectance and transmittance. The angle of the specimen can be adjusted three-dimensionally, allowing for measurements from many different viewpoints.

Colour Meter SC-50μ

Capable of measuring colour of an area with a surface diameter of 0.05mm

This colour meter is widely used to measure the colour of microscopic surface area of materials such as fabric, printed materials, and electronic parts such as PCB, IC and wires. The magnified measurement area is displayed on a screen for easy observation anf focusing.

Gloss Meters

Measure the Gloss of your samples with our portable units on the production floor, in the laboratory, at your customers’ facility or at your desk. SUGA gloss meters are easy to use, reliable and have excellent long term stability.

Gloss Meter GC-1

Compact Ergonomic Gloss meter

A new paradigm in Gloss and Appearance Measurement - GC-1 Gloss Meter. SUGA is the standard in Japan. The ergonomic design, one button operation and intuitive menu system make this fully featured Gloss Meter easier to operate and better than all the rest.

Gloss Meter GM-1

A mobile gloss meter capable of simultaneous three-angle measurement

Capable of measuring the specular gloss from three angles (20゚, 60゚, and 85゚) with a touch of a button, this is an ideal instrument for field measurement.

Gloss Meter UGV-6P

Complete gloss measurement with one meter

The incidence angle and the receptor angle can be adjusted individually by 1゚margin using the meter at the center of the instrument. A marker is included at the center for precise angle setup. The measurement value is displayed simply by placing the specimen on the specimen stage.

Haze Meters

SUGA Haze meters are widely used to determine and quantify the optical scattering properties of transparent materials; such as films, glass, plaques and plastic products.

Haze Meter HZ-T

Measures large specimens without the need for shading

With its flat, open-spaced chamber, this instrument can measure specimens of large size by simply placing the specimen directly on the specimen stage. It includes a foot switch that allows the user to make measurements while holding the specimen with both hands.

Haze Meter HZ-G

Capable of measuring the haze of large glass

This instrument automatically measures the haze of large glass specimens fixed on its flat specimen stage. The optical unit is controlled by a PC. The Suga-developed TM light modulation single beam method prevents outside light source from influencing the measurement.

Haze Meter HZ-V3

Capable of either vertical or horizontal positioning for measuring many different specimens

Suga's TM double beam method allows this instrument to perform stable measurement for an extensive period of time. The repositioning of the samples during ISO 14782 and ISO 13468 measurements is not needed.

Image Clarity Meter

SUGA Image Clarity Meter is used to determine the optical effect of specimen’s surface structure on colour appearance properties. Surface structure effects includes optical phenomenon as clarity, DOI and orange peel.

Image Clarity Meter IC-T / IC-45 / IC-60

Image Clarity Meter ICM-1T

The technology that expresses the image's clearness with numerical values (complying with ISO 10216, ASTM D5767)

With our highly precise optics design and manufacturing technology, this instrument is capable of accurately expressing the delicate image clarity in a numerical value. It prides with high reproducibility and tolerance at minimum optical mask width of 0.125 mm. Reference standard plate (as specifield in JIS K 7374) comes as a standard attachment, allowing the user to confirm the accuracy of the instrument's measurement at any time.

Reflectance / Transmittance Meter and Others

SUGA manufactures a diverse product line of instruments to assess many different optical properties of specimens. These products include assessing colour appearance analysis of surface reflection and transmission modalities. They are applicable throughout the color supply chain.

Retroreflection Meter for Production Line NS-1S

Excellent for use in production lines

This instrument observes the retroreflectivity of reflective sheets on the production line on a 24-hour basis. It is calibrated with the calibration plate prepared by the user, and the measurement data is stored in the multi-range recorder.

Retroreflection Meter NS-1

Determines the performance of reflective boards and evaluate their quality

This instrument evaluates the retroreflectivity of reflectors for cars, reflective safety signs, reflective traffic warning signs etc. by shining them with light and measuring the light reflected back. It does not require a dark room, and it comes with a calibration standard plate for comparison with the test results (value set by Japan Vehicle Inspection Association comes separately).

CIE D65 Standard Light Source D65AC・D65A

Determining an accurate visual evaluation

This is a standard light source used to visually evaluate the colour of an object, as specified in JIS Z 8720 "Standard illuminants and sources for colorimetry." It can perform metamerism tests, with the equipped D65 and A light sources. D65AC allows the user to adjust the brightness.

Visible Light Transmittance / Reflectance Meter HA-TR/HA-T

Measures transmittance of car windows and films in field environments

This product is used for measuring visible light transmittance and/or reflectance of car windows, plastic films, etc. HA-TR id reflectance/transmittance measuring type, while HA-T is dedicated transmittance measuring type.