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Gloss Meter GC-1

Compact Ergonomic Gloss meter

A new paradigm in Gloss and Appearance Measurement - GC-1 Gloss Meter. SUGA is the standard in Japan. The ergonomic design, one button operation and intuitive menu system make this fully featured Gloss Meter easier to operate and better than all the rest.

Gloss Meter GM-1

A mobile gloss meter capable of simultaneous three-angle measurement

Capable of measuring the specular gloss from three angles (20゚, 60゚, and 85゚) with a touch of a button, this is an ideal instrument for field measurement.

Gloss Meter UGV-6P

Complete gloss measurement with one meter

The incidence angle and the receptor angle can be adjusted individually by 1゚margin using the meter at the center of the instrument. A marker is included at the center for precise angle setup. The measurement value is displayed simply by placing the specimen on the specimen stage.