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Products Information

Reflectance / Transmittance Meter and Others

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Retroreflection Meter for Production Line NS-1S

Excellent for use in production lines

This instrument observes the retroreflectivity of reflective sheets on the production line on a 24-hour basis. It is calibrated with the calibration plate prepared by the user, and the measurement data is stored in the multi-range recorder.

Retroreflection Meter NS-1

Determines the performance of reflective boards and evaluate their quality

This instrument evaluates the retroreflectivity of reflectors for cars, reflective safety signs, reflective traffic warning signs etc. by shining them with light and measuring the light reflected back. It does not require a dark room, and it comes with a calibration standard plate for comparison with the test results (value set by Japan Vehicle Inspection Association comes separately).

CIE D65 Standard Light Source D65AC・D65A

Determining an accurate visual evaluation

This is a standard light source used to visually evaluate the colour of an object, as specified in JIS Z 8720 "Standard illuminants and sources for colorimetry." It can perform metamerism tests, with the equipped D65 and A light sources. D65AC allows the user to adjust the brightness.

Visible Light Transmittance / Reflectance Meter HA-TR/HA-T

Measures transmittance of car windows and films in field environments

This product is used for measuring visible light transmittance and/or reflectance of car windows, plastic films, etc. HA-TR id reflectance/transmittance measuring type, while HA-T is dedicated transmittance measuring type.