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Haze Meter HZ-T

Measures large specimens without the need for shading

With its flat, open-spaced chamber, this instrument can measure specimens of large size by simply placing the specimen directly on the specimen stage. It includes a foot switch that allows the user to make measurements while holding the specimen with both hands.

Haze Meter HZ-G

Capable of measuring the haze of large glass

This instrument automatically measures the haze of large glass specimens fixed on its flat specimen stage. The optical unit is controlled by a PC. The Suga-developed TM light modulation single beam method prevents outside light source from influencing the measurement.

Haze Meter HZ-V3

Capable of either vertical or horizontal positioning for measuring many different specimens

Suga's TM double beam method allows this instrument to perform stable measurement for an extensive period of time. The repositioning of the samples during ISO 14782 and ISO 13468 measurements is not needed.