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Ultraviolet Fade Meter for Glass H75

Specifically designed for ultraviolet deterioration tests of laminated glass

This is an ultraviolet fade meter with a light source of 750W mercury vapour lamp. It performs deterioration tests for laminated glass used for window of automobiles, railway, buildings and ships.

Spectral Radiation Tester SPX

Determining the fastness wavelength of a specimen via spectral radiation

Divides the xenon light (similar to sunlight) into high resolution spectrums, and radiates strong ultraviolet and visible light. It is used for determining the fastness wavelength of plastics, textiles, medical products and fluids.


Accurately simulates the indoor fluorescent light

This model is used to test light fastness of digital print and other printed images, medical products, etc. Under fluorescent light from its 40 high-power 110W super fluorescent lamps. Its irradiance is constantly adjusted and tests can be performed under constant temperature and humidity.