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Products Information

Super Accelerated Weather Meters

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Metaling Weather Meter

Metaling Vertical Weather Meter MV3000

The answer to the demand for super-acceleration

This is the world's first super-accelerated weather meter model with a vertical metal halide lamp as its light source. Its design where specimens rotate around a vertically placed lamp allows for more specimens to be placed than models where specimens must be fixed in a single location. This allows for improved distribution of irradiance, temperature and humidity.

H2O2 Model

Super Xenon Weather Meter SX-H2O2

A new axis of weathering using a Hydrogen Peroxide Solution Spray Feeding Device

Weather-resistance of paint can be evaluated with acceleration factor of aprroximately 100 times or higher compared to outdoor exposure. Pure water and hydrogen peroxide solution will be mixed in the supply tank automatically to offer the same density safely and constantly.