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Ozone Weather Meter / Gas Test Instrument / G's Oven

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Gas Test Instrument GS-UVS

It operates a programmed temperature-humidity test using an automatically controlled gas mixture of SO2, H2O and NO2, without any leakage from the walls in the apparatus chamber.

Gas Test Instrument GT-100

Instrument capable of accommodating tests with and without Cl2

GT-100 is used to evaluate the corrosion resistance of electronic components and plated products against pure or mixed gases of SO2, H2S, NO2 and Cl2. Exchangeable test Chamber for both conducting test using chlorine as well as tests not using chlorine. More stable control of the gas density, temperature, and humidity by preventing condensation system.

Ozone Weather Meter OMS-HN・OMS-LN

True ozone control made possible with pursuit of accuracy

This instrument performs accelerated ozone degradation testing for organic materials (such as rubber) used in automobiles and electronic materials. Its fully closed system allows for true ozone concentration tests. Applicable to ISO 1431-1 standard.